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Training with Mary has been such a great experience all around. I started training in my first trimester, trained through my last week of gestation, and then trained for about 3 months postpartum after I was fully recovered. Mary has such a positive and encouraging attitude and training style. I always felt empowered as well as supported during workouts and any time I had questions. She helps you prepare your body for the birthing process as well as life with a newborn both mentally and physically. I relied heavily on her Labor Intensity Interval Training breathing during my birthing experience which was incredibly helpful to manage pain and stay calm. Mary’s postpartum workout program helped me get my core as well as the rest of my body back to a strong place. If you want to stay committed to fitness during pregnancy, Mary is the one to keep you on track. She’s a great friend, a positive teacher, and is truly invested in helping you achieve your goals.

~ Megan J., Large Animal Veterinary Assistant and first-time mom

"I have a history of lower back problems (including sciatica and lumbar disc injury) and knew that pregnancy might be uniquely taxing on my body. I told Mary that I wanted to work on building strength so that my muscles and spine could support my new proportions, and she designed a workout plan that was challenging and restorative in equal measure. I am amazed that I'm now in week 38 of pregnancy and have had no back pain at all! Regular workouts with Mary have also been a godsend for my mental health while navigating pregnancy during a pandemic. As I prepare for birth, I feel stronger and healthier than I ever could have imagined. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Mary during postpartum recovery and beyond, and thanks to her, I am starting to expand my fitness goals beyond injury prevention. I highly recommend Mary to anyone, pregnant or not, who is re-learning how to trust their body and envision fitness after an injury."

                              ~ Catherine H., Episcopal Priest and first-time mom

"I came into my third pregnancy at the age of 38 and knew that I needed to improve my strength in order to take care of myself, baby, and the rest of my family.  Mary was instrumental in preparing me for childbirth and parenthood.  Her workouts were fun and challenging, used functional movement that I would need during labor and when my little one was born, and customized just to the level that I happened to be experiencing that day.  On top of her detailed cues and excellent coaching, Mary is also one of those people that has a passion for wellness, particularly through the challenges of motherhood.  Her enthusiasm boosted my confidence and I looked forward to every session.  I highly recommend her personal training to all women going through the different stages of motherhood!"

~ Laura M., Director of Sales of PT Solutions. mom of 2 soon to be 3

"I can definitely tell a difference now that I have had several sessions. Since I’ve been working with Mary, I’ve definitely seen pelvic floor improvement and stopped having to wear the light day pads for when I sneeze! 
When my daughter was only a 12 lb baby it was easy to hold her and do whatever I needed and not worry to much about moving the wrong way or pulling something out of whack. Now as a 23 lb toddler I thought those days were over! The other day though I was able to hold my fussy girl while making her lunch, thanks to some of the core strengthening and proper weight lifting techniques we had gone over in our sessions. While I won’t always multitask in this way (little munchkin will have to learn crying doesn’t always get her what she wants), it’s nice to be able to do it, where as before it felt impossible!" 

~ Melissa B., forensic scientist and mom to a 20 month old

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